Saturday, 21 May 2011

Train Videos for Kids

Today we've got a collection of train videos for kids. There's something about trains that captures kids' imaginations. Steam trains and modern trains are popular in our house.

Steam trains are a favorite. Riding on a steam train is always exciting, but most kids don't get to do that everyday! So watching a steam train videos at home is the next best thing. This is one of our favorite steam train videos, it has lots of steam, you get to see the train in lots of places and hear lots of train noise:

Train Crazy Kids
Train Crazy Kids
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There are lots of popular kids TV shows featuring trains including Chuggington, Thomas the Tank Engine and our favorite Dinosaur Train. (And of course Ivor the Engine from my childhood.)

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  1. Exciting video. My two liitle kids enjoyed this video very much and watched it twice. They both even love to watch tv shows which are based on trains like Thomas.
    videos of trains for kids